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Top Ten Ugliest Cars In The World

The ugliest cars that have dared to touch the sweet tarmac of the world's roads. Somehow these evil designers and everyone else let these cars slip through to production. This is why I think the car is ugly: 1. 2008 MINI Clubman: The dual rear windshield wipers and the double doors at the back look ridiculous, the front isn't that bad, but you can't ignore a MINI cooper being stretched with a piece of sh!t taped to the back. 2. 2001 Pontiac Aztek The blinker and headlight configuration looks weird, and so does the grille (doesn't every pontiac?) but the back sloping down at that angle is a couple degrees off? 3. 2002 FIAT Multipla Did someone spill coffee on the part of the blueprint where the windshield meets the hood? And they decided to put in some damped headlamps that won't help at all because they'll just light up the hood. The side mirrors and the roofline are way too high up. 4. 2006 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx The #1 car with the biggest a$s is: THE CHEVY MALIBU MAXX 5. 1980 AMC Pacer The designers made the right door 4 inches bigger to encourage people to climb in the right door......WHAET???? were they thinking, and look at it! 6. Citroen Ami Looks like someone punched it smack bam square in the nose at the front. And at the side? Looks like it has been blown by an a million MPH wind! Look at the back window, and the car keeps getting smaller and smaller towards the end. 7. Marcos Mantis How fast does this hunk-a-junk go? Marcos had a go at the Miura. But....of ...

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