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Ssangyong Musso Advanced Light Control System Part4 (AEBS2)

Active Emergency Brake light System onroad show. The notion of the emergency brake light reacte when the velocity decelerate is reach 7 M/Sec2. On actual road driving, It's not a good notion by detecting the whole vehicle's G-force or inertia, because the type of vehicle small, big, type M, N...., loading, road situation, up/down hill, friction between tire & road, brake system strength and so on, all these factors will cause emergency signal reaction timing incorrectly, it is could be late even can not to alert the following vehicle when really needed. 7 M/Sec2 is not absolute correct, so other point 6 or 4 M/Sec2 had issued by different manufactures. AEBS is an advance alert system, by detecting driver step on brake pedal behavior,when the driver to step on brake pedal deep and rapid, the AEBS will indicat flashing light signal to warning the following driver, avoid rear-end collision effectively. This Musso installed with AEBS-2.

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