Video - Please, Calling for Int'l Awareness on this issue!

Videos SSang Yong Family Please, Calling for Int'l Awareness on this issue!

Please, Calling for Int'l Awareness on this issue!

This video is from June 10 2011, at Hanjin Heavy Industries in Busan, South Korea. Hanjin Heavy Industries (Co.) is one of the world's top ship manufacturers. However, Hanjin has unilaterally fired 172 workers, to fund its expansion to the Phillipines. Hanjin's ostensible reason behind the layoffs is its deficit. However, inspection shows the striking incongruity of this statement: Hanjin, among its "deficits," has managed to deliver 174000000 Won (about 170000$) to its investors after the layoffs. Laborers have been protesting this measure with 2 weeks of strike until now. Kim Jin-Sook, one of Hanjin's female laborers, has been protesting on the top of a high crane for a total of 163 days. She is still dangerously standing on Hanjin's #85 crane, even at this very moment, June 17 2011. This is not unique to Hanjin Heavy Industries. Yoosung Enterprise Co., and Ssangyong Motors have also hired gangs to violently repress laborers' strikes. Some laborers have committed suicide in the face of such repression, leaving their families behind. This violence should be stopped. We beseech for international awareness on this issue and support from human rights organizations. Companies are hiring gangs to beat up laborers at this very moment in South Korea. This inhumane suffering must be stopped.

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