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Kyron 2.0 xdi loss of power

Forum Kyron Kyron 2.0 xdi loss of power

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2015-03-19 10:29:14


help would be greatly appreciated on this issue. Randomly whilst driving roughly around 3000rpm I get engine management light and lose power. It almost seems as though I'm driving normal diesel without turbo. I checked the code and it gives me p1234. Can't find any info on this code. I also have pictures of freeze frame data if that helps.

2015-05-10 01:45:13

micky83: hi mick, i got same problem as you on my 2009 kyron, code P1234, DID YOU GET YOURS RESOLVED. If so, what did you need to do to fix it, thank you ,Jacko

2015-06-01 12:11:23


code 1234 means disfuntion of EGR, but in fact I experinced that electromagnetic vacuum valve had to be replaced.

I suggest going to car sevice with coprehensive knowledge of diesel enginees. In my case, after short ride on motorway (it is important to have your engine efectively warmed up before checking) they realized in figures diplayed in special PC programm linked to interface OBD, that the pressure in turbo compressor was heavy increased and check engine lamp lighted on. Therefore reduce of engine power is so important and doesn't allows to drive more than 100-110 km/h by aprox. 2500 rpm. in order not to demage compressor.

As I know the above mentioned vacuum valve steering turbo compressor is typical and many diesel enginees have the same (produced by BOSCH, Pierburg, etc.) and therefore should not cost much.