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2012 Korando III 2.0 (122 cui)

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Fuel diesel. 6-speed Automatic transmission. Engine 2 000 ccm (122 cui), 4-cylinder.

2017-04-06 03:23:03

Hi...I am new to the forum...when my vehicle warms up it seems to lose power and when at traffic lights it seems to idle OK but when I go to move off it will stall. When I do get moving it feels like you get to a certain point and power kicks in but its irratic. Had MAF and ECU cables cleaned but still there. Someone said it could be the egr or fuel filter....any assistance would be appreciated. Rgs


2017-04-10 09:21:27

Hi, there can be a lot of causes, it can be for example air flow meter or oxygen sensor. To make sure what causes the problem I recommend you to buy the ELM327 OBDII device and via bluetooth and mobile phone find out what is the problem