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Year of production

2003 SSang Yong Musso I  |  Bogce 249 450 km 40.00 EUR Failure / Trouble / Malfunction

Broken belt

The bearing on tension pulley broke, that lead to damaging on the belt itself.

2003 SSang Yong Musso I  |  Bogce 248 600 km Failure / Trouble / Malfunction

Rear diefrential

Strong noise from the rear differential box after few minutes of driving, the noise increase with the speed

2002 SSang Yong Rexton I Y200  |  w.sautner 228 000 km Repair

Brake lines corroded, Front tyre bearings loos, Distribution gearbox oil sipping,4wd drive not worki

Repair for plaquette:

brake lines corroded

front tire bearings loose

Front differencial oil sipping

Distribution gear Box oil sipping

oil pressure switch oil sipping

4wd switches not working

2005 SSang Yong Rexton I Y200  |  trevor.james 385 km Repair

Crankshaft Sensor

Doagnostics check carried out in July 2016, all is clear and all faults were repaired.